Our vision: for everyone in Howard County to have the opportunity to live a long, healthy life.


What is Equity?

For the Horizon Foundation, equity means that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to live a long, healthy life – and nobody is left behind because of who they are or where they live. But research shows that some members of our community face significant barriers to good health, overall wellness and opportunity. This is particularly true for our communities of color, which experience disproportionate levels of chronic disease, deaths and disabilities.

Help us launch a new movement for equity that will break down longstanding health barriers and reduce disparities for communities of color. Attend our upcoming Equity Summit and learn more about this initiative.



200+ People Attend Equity Workshops

Thanks to the hundreds of partners and community members from across the region who participated in a series of workshops led by national equity experts from ABFE. These workshops were designed to help stakeholders develop a shared understanding and language on equity, equality, structural racism, diversity and inclusion. Learn more.

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