Howard County is one of the nation’s wealthiest and most educated counties, yet we still face serious health challenges, including high rates of chronic disease, gaps in mental health services and a vulnerable aging population. These challenges are far greater for some members of our community. There are significant health disparities, and many people face barriers to making healthy choices and accessing critical health services.

The Horizon Foundation’s new five-year strategic plan addresses equity as one of its three key priority areas to help ensure that everyone in our community can achieve better health.

We believe every member of our community deserves the opportunity to live a long, healthy life. To achieve this vision, we must make a concerted effort to support those facing the greatest barriers to good health and reduce health disparities. This work involves starting with racial equity in health and includes a focus on:

  • Advancing policies and systems change that promise equitable health outcomes and increasing engagement with diverse leaders.
  • Elevating the voices of leaders from diverse communities in the county to highlight and address health disparities in the community.
  • Building the capacity of community organizations to advocate for health equity.

In 2018, we are hosting a series of workshops, offering new Racial Equity Health Initiative Grants and holding an Equity Summit to begin this work and help the community advance change, making Howard County a place where all have the opportunity to achieve good health.

View our one-pager about this initiative. (pdf)

About the Horizon Foundation

The Horizon Foundation is the largest independent health philanthropy in Maryland. We lead community change so everyone in Howard County can live a longer, better life. We are committed to improving health through innovative initiatives, collaborative partnerships, strategic grantmaking and thoughtful advocacy. Learn more at www.thehorizonfoundation.org.